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Library Regulations Fees and Charges


The public library is a public institution of the town of Rheinfelden  (Baden). The advertised opening times apply.

Library Users
Within the framework of these library regulations everyone has permission to use this library as a public institution on the basis of private law. The public library is entitled to make special provisions and orders for the usage of certain library areas and collections. This is particularly applicable for restrictions concerning the protection of minors.

In order to borrow books, users must provide proof of identity and an official confirmation of their address. After registration, users receive a library card. By signing the card, users accept the library regulations.

  • Children from 6 years onwards can get a library card, before the age of 16 the signature of a parent of legal guardian is required.
  • The library card is property of the municipal library and is non-transferrable.

Changes of name or address, as well as the loss of the library card must be reported to the library immediately.

  • The user who is registered to the library card is liable for damages, which occur due to the misuse of the library card, or their legal guardian if applicable.  In justified cases the library can block or retract library cards.
  • The library card entitles users to borrow books from the public libraries Rheinfelden (Baden) and Rheinfelden (Switzerland). The user or legal guardian accepts the library regulations for both municipal libraries (D and CH) with his signature. The library and fee regulations can be viewed in the library. Individual copies can also be obtained at the registration desk.
  • When registering, the user agrees that his address and personal information are electronically saved by the library. The library guarantees that the saved information will only be used for library purposes and will not be passed on to third parties.

The fees stipulated by the public library Rheinfelden (Baden) apply.

They are subject to change for the future at the beginning of each year. This will be advertised through notices in the library.

All media available for loan can be borrowed from the library by presenting a valid library card up to a date set by the library.

  • The number of items an individual user can borrow is limited for certain types of media.
  • Non-lending collections are marked accordingly and cannot be loaned.
  • In justified circumstances the usual lending period can be shortened. Furthermore, the library can recall loaned items at any time.

Treatment of borrowed media – liability
Borrowers are obligated to treat borrowed items with care and ensure they aren’t changed, damaged or soiled. Copying digital storage media is forbidden.

  • Upon borrowing items, the borrower confirms that the items he has received are complete. The borrower is responsible for the completeness of all media during borrowing and upon return of the items. Damages or missing items must be reported to the library immediately.
  • The borrower is liable for the damage or loss of items. Should a replacement be necessary, the value of the missing item must be reimbursed. This includes the original price of the item, as well as a fee for the processing of the item in accordance with library regulations. A deduction will be made to account for the age of the item.
  • The library is not liable for damages incurred by the customer by using media or devices (including digital storage media), unless it can be proven that the library acted with intent or gross negligence.

Late returns
Any items which are returned after the expiry of the lending period are subject to a late fee. After the expiry of the lending period, the borrower will receive a notice from the library demanding return of the library property. The borrower will be granted a reasonable time period to return the items.

If the items are still not returned, the public library has the right to recover the borrowed items by means of a courier at the expense of a borrower. Furthermore, in the event of further delay, the item can be treated as a loss in accordance with article 6.

  • A fixed fee is payable for late notices and the recovery of items. Late charges will be collected by taking legal action if necessary.

Interlibrary loans
The public library is part of the trans-regional German library network. Items can be ordered according to the interlibrary loan regulation. A fee will be payable for this service. The library regulations of the municipal library Rheinfelden (Baden) apply to the borrowing and treatment of items.

House rules
Library users must show care not to disturb the operation of the library and other users are not obstructed in the pursuit of their legitimate claims.

  • Reasonable care is expected to be shown in the use of a library and library materials.
  • No person shall consume drinks in a library other than in an area set aside for such consumption. Library users are liable for damages that occur due to consuming drinks (for example damages to media or furnishings). 
  • Food may not be consumed in the library.
  • Animals are not allowed in the library.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the library.
  • Posters and other information materials may only be displayed or distributed with the consent of library staff.
  • Library personnel can restrict the use of electronic devices (for example the library catalogue OPAC, internet workplaces, CD and DVD players). Manipulating the available devices is prohibited. Internet users may not visit illegal webpages, or access pornographic, violent or other illegal content (for example right-wing extremist pages).
  • Users are prohibited from using their own storage media.
  • The public library reserves the right to monitor certain library areas by CCTV.
  • Bags must be left in the lockers for the duration of the library visit. Lockers and pigeonholes may only be used for the duration of the library visit and during library opening times.
  • The library accepts no liability for bags and valuables left in the lockers.
  • Library users must follow the instructions of library personnel while being in the library or the town hall.

Anyone who breaks the rules stipulated in these library regulations, can be excluded from using the library and visiting its premises, either for a set duration of time or permanently. The library card can be retracted for the duration of the exclusion.
No claim for reimbursement of paid fees can be made in this case.

Jurisdiction and applicable law
German law applies exclusively for the use of the municipal library Rheinfelden (Baden). Claims of the municipal library against persons residing abroad can be brought before Lörrach district court (Amtsgericht Lörrach).


Rheinfelden (Baden), 15th October 2009



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